30 days of thankful

I finally took the plunge and moved over the blogger (obviously.)

It kinda feels funny to be blogging elsewhere.  I feel like I just left the comfort of my own home and walked into a house I've never been in before.  That funny..."wow, this is all new..i'm not sure what to do."  It's like cozy familiar sweatpants vs. brand new outfit you're not sure you can pull off.

Why the title?  Why not faithchick anymore?  Just cause I wanted something new.  There are three phrases that sum up my current state in life.  I think these things often and they come up in conversation even more frequently.

1. We're lucky we're all wearing underwear...said when I forget something or lose something or mess up something or forget to send something to church or school with my yahoos to remind myself that life with 3 kids is busy and we really ARE lucky to have clean underpants every day. (but Lucky Underpants might give the wrong impression.)

2. Memorize each Moment...I do.  I love to.  And I began telling myself that as I walked down the aisle at my wedding and I haven't stopped saying it since, and I haven't stopped memorizing moments since. (but Memorizing Moments is too alliterated for my taste, and too sappy for the hopeful lightheartedness of this bloggeroo.)

3. I want to poke out my eyes with grapefruit spoons!  said when I am exasperated, frustrated, overwhelmed and completely and totally overcome by these three precious children that are in my care.  I love them.  I would lay down my life for them.  But, boy do they stretch me and challenge me in countless ways. And sometimes I can't handle it and I want to jab out my eyeballs.  But it is also because of these things that I am the person I am today.  So, it's these grapefruit spoon moments that God uses to make me me.  I wouldn't trade them in for anything.

So there you have it.

I'm excited to have a fresh place to blog! :-)And tomorrow (!!) I will beging blogging regularly again...Thirty Days of Thankful....starting tomorrow.

Happy Sunday. :-)


  1. welcome to your new home. and please, pass the grapefruit spoons. (although maybe not today, but i'll let you know when. ;-))

  2. I love the title. And you picked the perfect day to start a new blog. ;) Excited to join you on this new journey!

  3. Love the new blog! I'm excited to get to read you again every day! :)

  4. Hello, friend. Love the new place. Bookmarked you now. XOXOXO


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