30 Days of Thankful-Day 1

It's probably more correct to say 30 Days of Thankfulness, huh?
But I like 30 Days of Thankful better.

I'm going to start small...and progress to really great big things by the end of the month.

I was pondering it this morning as I was rushing around getting Miss E ready for school.  There are a LOT of things I'm thankful for!  After considering it for a good long while, I settled upon something small.  And meaningless.  But it's something i LOVE.  It's my fuzzy socks.

I do not like to wear shoes around the house. But, I also like to have warm feet.  So my fuzzy socks are a staple in my wardrobe.  I have about 6 pairs and you can tell they're well-loved.  They're worn, and holey, and the bottoms look so dirty (but they're clean!) from walking around in them all the time.  Plus, when I step in crumb piles in the kitchen, I can't even tell and that means I can put off sweeping for another few hours. (always a bonus.)  Now if only they could somehow get me out of deciding what to make for dinner, they'd really be an asset around here!

Go put yours on and enjoy them!
What?  You don't have any?  Well....I'll send you some! (I wasn't planning to do this, really, but it just seems fun!)...if you wanna try to win a pair of fuzzy socks, post a comment and I'll pick a winner at random!

And while we're talking about socks...would you believe that after a super-frustrating couple hours at a not-very-favorite-anymore department store, I came home with NINE pairs of knee socks?!?  It was a grueling couple of hours-and a long story...but now at least I have my fuzzy socks for wearing at home, and my knee socks for when I face the world. (I love how they keep my legs nice and toasty, why didn't I ever even stop wearing them in the 4th grade?)

In the mean time...put something cozy on your feet...and Happy Monday!

and are those FISH flopping around on the sides of my grapefruit-colored blog (OH! salmon-colored?)?!?  I haven't figured out all the blogspot bells and whistles yet.  I'll get to it someday. :-)


  1. Hey! Congrats on the big move to blogspot. I've been considering a similar move, mostly because people could add it to their blog reader to keep up. It used to be I didn't want to leave xanga because it's where everyone went, but now it's the place no one goes.....anyway.

    I too have a thing for fuzzy socks. I have three pair and they get used and washed super regularly. :-D

    And I see no fish, salmon-colored or otherwise.

  2. No fish. Just hummingbirds eating some nectar out of blooms.

    You are funny. Send me socks. And tell why you are falling out of love with Target. I MUST know!

  3. Hi Jessica. Glad you're using blogspot. I love it! Mine is bargerblurbs.blogspot.com. No advertisements! :) Anyway I love socks too, but it's still too warm in VA Beach area for them! I'm still in my flip flops! :)

  4. Just the inspiration I needed to cover these cold toes AND avoid the crumbs on the floor ;o).

  5. I need fuzzy socks! My feet freeze now that we have tile in our kitchen and of course now that its getting cold outside. I must search for some....you've inspired me :-)

  6. i just recently discovered the wonder of fuzzy socks when my mother-in-law got me a pair for christmas last year... how did i ever survive winter without them?!

    and YAY for you new blog! i haven't been doing much blogging lately (because xanga is blocked at my job), but blogspot isn't! so now i'll be keeping up with you life more regularly. :-)

  7. I LOVE fuzzy socks... but I only have two pair, my very best friend sent them to my once. I think as cushioning because she was returning a pair of sunglasses. I lost the sunglasses and kept the socks.

    Now I want 6 pairs too, or maybe 7. Guess I know what I'm shopping for tonight!

    I think you picked the perfect pink background to go with the grapefruit theme... =)

  8. I don't have any fuzzy socks, but socks are a must for me during the winter months. I also HATE stepping in crumbs so during the summer I wear flip-flops 24/7 and during the winter it's a pair of socks or my well-loved $5 slippers from Wal-Mart. :)

  9. I don't have any fuzzy socks. Consider me entered in your sweet give-away.

  10. I hate to go barefoot in my house, too! I have a couple pairs of fuzzy socks and love them :)


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