30 Days of Thankful-Day 16


Today I'm thankful for surprise visits from friends!  I got a call around 9:30ish this morning from my friend Missy.  She said she had time to kill and asked if I wanted to meet her at Target and then realized that it was 9:30 and if she were home she would probably still be in her jammies, so maybe it wouldn't work for me to go to the store.

And I said I was in my jammies--actually, I had showered, but I was in my yoga pants and the kids were in their jammies and the baby wasn't even awake yet--but she could come over if she wanted to, if she didn't mind all of us in our jammies.

That's the great thing about friends--they don't mind when we're in our jammies or when we have spit up on our shirt or when there are crumbs under the kitchen table or when there is food on the walls and ceiling and children.

So she braved it and came over with two of her sweet yahoos.  And we had fun.  And so did the kiddos.  And we talked about kids and life and hunting and dentists and school and whining and life.  And then she had killed the time she needed and left.

And THEN!  15 minutes after missy left, my phone rang!

And it was Mary.  And Mary said it's a rainy dreary day and she needed to get out of the house so she was going to get toilet paper at a store close to me (not target), and could she come over and drop of some coupons (she's one of my dealers.  I have two. and don't be fooled.  coupons are a drug.)  to me when she was done.  And I said, SURE!  We're here.  Come!  (we were even out of our jammies by then.)

And so she brought over her yahoo, and we all ate lunch around the table and had a good time together. And we talked about church and kids and dentists and pregnancy (hers. not mine.  i'm not.  she is.) and grocery stores and schools and life.  And then the kids all started getting sleepy, so she had to leave.  And off she went.

And that's 100 thousand times better than what I woke up this morning looking forward to (10 p.m. to watch Parenthood (the show.  not the job.).  That's pathetic, huh? To wake up at 7 looking forward to 10?)

So now...My Tuesday=2 friends + parenthood. 
Fabulous!! (and to top that off, my mom just called and asked us to come to dinner. sweet!)

I love days that turn out completely unlike I expected them too.
(well.  as long as they turn out BETTER than I expect them to.  Don't sign me up for anything that's worse than what I expected...even though I keep my expectations pretty darn low to avoid any dissappointment.)


  1. Yay! So happy to make your list. :-) And so thrilled that the drive-by visit worked out. I'm thankful for you (and your fam) too!

  2. coupons are a drug = haha!

    bennett & i are almost always in our jammies. we call them our "comfy pants." wish we lived close enough to drop in on you too!

  3. Sweet post. I love a fun day with fun friends!


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