30 Days of Thankful-Day 2


Are you loving them, or what?! (well, maybe not if you're raking them?)

I love leaves for lots of reasons:
1. They remind me of when I was little, and my mom and brothers and I were taking a walk and my mom showed me how if you step on a fallen leaf, it makes the COOLEST crunching noise ever.

2. They remind me of college and one of my very best friends who used to race me to get to crunchy leaves and step on them before me...because she, too, grew up chasing after leaves on the sidewalk.  And it's just one of the zillions of things that connected the two of us as we slowly began to realize that we had lived the EXACT same childhood in two different states, with two different sets of parents and the ONLY thing that was different between the two of us was that I grew up with cable, and she did not.

3.  They serve as a backdrop for the annual photoshoot I like to do with my wack-a-moles.  We have this beautiful maple tree in our side yard and ever since Miss E was tiny, I've taken the standard playing-in-the-leaves shots.  The leaves always look the same, but the kids keep multiplying and growing up.  Last week, I was watching each day-waiting for the perfect time...when the leaves were the right color and there were plenty on the ground and plenty on the tree.  And then there was a windstorm.  And they all fell down.  But we got the pics anyway.  Even if they didn't have matchy-matchy outifts and even if the tree itself was nekkid.

4. I love them because when we all got home from picking up Miss E from Kindergarten yesterday, one of the kids simply said the word, "LEAVES!!!" and the three of them went running full speed through the leaves and laughed for 20 minutes straight.

5. And cause when Matt and Mr. E went out to rake them last night, Mr. E came inside with the rosiest red cheeks you ever did see.

6.  I guess it's not the ACTUAL leaves I love, just the things they represent.  Autumn is such a fleeting season.  I try to soak it all in before dormant winter sets in.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOVE. I'm glad you're blogging regularly (at least for a month). Makes me want to get back to it. As if I have time.


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