30 Days of Thankful-Day 3

fresh from the faucet HOT WATER!!
There's nothing better in the wide world than a nice hot shower.  Right?  And as much as I like to think that I'd like to live 200 years ago and wear those awesome dresses and skinny-corsets and whatnot, I think I wouldn't really survive if I had to actually make my own hot water.  Caroline Ingles can stick with that--it is NOT for me. I'm happy to turn on the faucet and have it nice & hot in no time flat.

But, actually.  I am very thankful for hot water.  But, even more, I have something funny to share related to hot water...so I picked hot water today just so I can use it to tell my story. :-)  (as a side note.  I'm thankful for zillions of things.  But, it's kinda tricky to actually elaborate on the whats and whys about why I'm thankful for them!  Like how much can be said about hot water, really?)

So, kids.  They're nuts.  I was in the shower the other morning.  I like to imagine myself as a person who gets up and showers and gets ready BEFORE her kids stir in the morning.  And even though I've been trying to do that for a few years, it only works about once every 4 months.  So, I usually shower after matt leaves for work, after Miss E and Mr. E get up and before Miss C gets up (because she can't be trusted to behave without supervision.)

Anyway.  I was in the shower the other morning and suddenly I hear:

"MOM!!!  The t.v. is BROKEN!!  Can you FIX IT?!?!" (i'm positive his arms and legs were flailing and stomping as he said this.)
It was Mr. E and he had tried to turn on a DVD and couldn't make it work.
"Buddy.  I'm in the shower.  I can't do anything about it right now."

not 20 seconds later
"MOM!!!!  Can you SHARPEN my colored PENCIL!?!?"
It was Miss E and she had been coloring.  She apparently needed the color orange STAT.
"Sweetie.  I'm in the shower and I do not have a pencil sharpener in here."

And on other days there are similar requests: "Mom! I'm hungry!" "Mom! My shirt is messed up!" "Mom! Miss C is CRYING."  "Mom! Can you find my TRUCK?" "Mom! Where are my markers?" "Mom! I want to lay in your bed but the covers are messed up!!"

Like, uh?  What I'm I supposed to do about that?!? Well, at least they still think I have super powers and think I can fix anything or find anything even if i'm standing in a 3 x3 box dripping wet and with shampoo on my head.

You wouldn't believe the things they think I can do when I'm sleeping!

And wouldn't you know...right now, I hear..."MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! coming from the other side of the house.

happy thursday!
(thanks for the encouragement party yesterday.  i'll pass it along to my friend)
(and my posts are popping up at pacific time instead of eastern.  i can't figure out why.)

The winner of the fuzzy socks is....

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2010-11-04 17:49:28 UTC

Christy!  I think I have your address. :-)  I'll send them soon! ...as soon as I buy them. :-)


  1. You're too funny jess :) I get that a lot too...except in our house, it is usually just the sound of something breaking or "Mom...Thomas did something bad..." Nothing like suspense to ruin a good shower :)

    I wish you lived closer...

    I think it's funny your posts are coming up Pacific time...you can pretend you're on the beach :) :) :)

  2. I'm so excited I won!!! WOOOOO!! Let me know if you don't have my address. I can't wait to get my fuzzy socks! (no rush though... it will be cold, fuzzy-sock weather for MONTHS)


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