30 Days of thankful-Day 5

I'm calling it day 5.  It is day 5, after all.   Even if I pooped out on Day 3.

Lemme tell ya, this is tough!

Let's see.  What am I thankful for today?
The sunshine
The heat in my house! (it just kicked on to remind me!)
The bucket of Halloween candy on my fridge.
That it's FRIDAY.
And books.  If I were stranded on a desert island, I would be 100% a-ok if i had an unlimited supply of books.  Wait, I pick that I get to be stranded in a library instead of a desert island.  You don't get sunburn in libraries.

Oh!  And 75% off halloween costumes at Target.
Miss C is going to be $5 Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz next year.  How cute.
Mr.  E wants to be a dirt bike rider again.
And I bought Miss E a $7.50 pink Superwoman costume.  'Cause Bridget in her kindergarted class was supergirl and she wanted to be supergirl, too (peer pressure.).  And 'cause she LOVES pink.  And 'cause the queen outfits (that she really wanted) were all gone.  It even has pink fake booTs. They go over her shoes.
Wanna hear the sock story?  So, Elder-Beerman (not Target.  I still love Target (see above paragraph)) sent me this fancy $10 off a $25 purchase coupon.  "Sweet."  I say.  Spending $15 is way easier than spending $25. I mean, not easier to do...easier to handle financially.  So, I went with two goals: 1) find something. b) find something that is in the $25-$26 range so I don't defeat the whole purpose of getting a good deal.

So, one day, I went with all 3 kids to Elder-Beerman.  Only, it was after lunch, before naps.  And they fell apart quickly.  So I couldn't wander around aimlessly for too long.  I found absolutely nothing I liked anyway. You couldn'ta paid me to take anything that day.

I had to go to the mall again anyway to get glasses (which was ANOTHER frustrating story...), so I might was well go to EB anyway, right?  I did.  I tried on 850,000 things.  None of them fit right (why didn't I love my 20 year old body when I had it?!).  I felt like a frumpy mama in most of them.  But, then I found the PERFECT sweater.  Turtleneck.  Yellow.  Flattering, yet comfy.  It was $19.  So I threw in a few pairs of knee socks to bring my total to the $25 range.  Finally successful after about 1.5 hours of shopping. Well.

Raise your hand if you've heard of regular prices.  
Raise your hand if you've heard of sale prices.
Raise your hand if you're heard of clearance prices.
Raise your hand if you've heard of incredible values.

Yeah.  I hadn't.  Come to find out, 15 minutes before store closing that the gift card was NOT good on incredible values.  My sweater was an incredible value. It wasn't on sale, and it wasn't on clearance.  It was an incredible value.  I looked around the store and there were incredible value signs staring at me from EVERYWHERE. And if I remember right, they were all making that creepy Alfred Hitchcock knife-shaddow-in-the-shower noise from that one movie of his. Almost everything in the store was an incredible value.  Yes, okay.  I read the limitations on the card before I shopped: "not good on incredible values, fragrances or cosmetics."  I know what fragrances and cosmetics are and I assumed that since I hadn't heard of incredible values that they must be something that I wouldn't try to buy anyway.

Boy, was I wrong.

I put my dumb sweater back.
And got 9 pairs of knee socks instead bringing me to a total of $18 after my card.  $2 a pair.  Not great. But good enough.  And I had to leave with SOMETHING. (plus, coincidentally, i had just cleaned out my sock drawer the day before throwing away anything that was hole-y or annoying or 10 years old.  And I was left with 6 pairs of fuzzy socks that I only wear around the house anyway.) I wasn't going to waste 2 hours of my life wandering around trying on incredible values and leave with nothing.

And the kicker?
That card was for October.
They sent me one for November as well.


p.s.-thanks, becca, for getting me out of the pacific time zone!


  1. UGH..your post stressed me out just reading it1 You poor girl!!

    By the way...you are a fantastic writer...so easy to read and quite funny miss thang~!

  2. thanks amy! :-)

    and i wish we lived closer, too!!


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