30 Days of thankful-Day 9

It's November 9th.
And there is absolutely nothing I could be more thanful for today than this:

matt and i have been together for eleven years today!  I can't even describe what an amazing, unique, hilarious, hard-working, God-fearing man he is.  And he is a perfect fit for me.

eleven.  holy canoli.  that's alotta years.

in those eleven years i have learned a lot of things about him, about me, and about us.

 I'm not even sure I could begin to describe how the two of us have changed.  we are definitely not the same two people we were when we met in September 1999.  God has definitely been at work in both of us, molding us and shaping us to become better individuals and better as a couple.  It's kinda cool.

And, to keep it real, there are times when I would like to poke out his eyes with grapefruit spoons, too!
And I'm sure he'd say the same about me!  (it adds spice to life, though, right?)

Happy 11 years to my main squeeze.
(and i can't get the pics to rearrange)

Nov 1999 & July 2010

And--gasp!  I think July 2010 is the last time we had our picture taken together...like, at all! no snapshots or anything!  How sad is that?!


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