30 Days of Thankful-Days 12,13, 14, 15

I am thankful for:

12-moments when my babies play so kindly and sweetly together.  without anybody screaming or yelling or tattle-taling or acting like it's the end of the world when the littlest one is trying to give them something they don't want.  It's so much better to hear them getting along and laughing together.

13- 2 hours in my house by myself all alone with just me. Saturday was rough. I am 100% in support of matt's hunting.  I am even 100% in support of the week of vacation he takes once a year to hunt.  So far, it has resulted in a freezer stocked full of meat.  And it's good for his soul.  Which in turn is good for my soul.  Which in turn is good for the babies' souls.  But, there are moments-that are not the norm-when I get a little bit bonkers because he's up long before the crack of dawn and home at sunset:thirty and the kids are screaming and yelling and tattle-taleing and acting like it's the end of the world when the littlest one is trying to give them something that they absolutely positively don't want.  Saturday, it all came to a head and I had a minor (major?) private meltdown and I prayed, "Please God!  I need a break from these wack-a-moles.  I know I'm their mama, and I know I love them; but I am getting overwhelmed by being with them for hours on end and training them and teaching them and redirecting them when they are screaming or yelling or tattle-taling.  I take this job seriously and I don't want to mess it up, but when I have to train and teach and redirect 3 little monkeys and take care of myself and take care of the house and take care of them...it gets a little insane. Please.  HELP!"
    And wouldn't you know.  Matt came home at lunch time to process one of his deer and he took all 3 children outside with him for hours.  I shut the front door and locked it so I couldn't hear them. or see them.  And the only way they could come in was to walk past Daddy to the garage door.  Let me tell you.  That is the definition of serenity.

14-CHURCH.  FREEDOM to actually go to church without fear of being punished or jailed for doing so.

15-My NEW glasses!! Miss C broke mine half a year ago (they were 5 years old anyway), and I've been getting up in the morning and getting things going without my contacts (don't like to pop them in first thing in the a.m.) and with no glasses.  I am absolutely blind as a bat.  And it was miserable to be groggy and blind each morning (and then there was that time I accidentally sent Miss E's lunch to work with Matt cause I couldn't see that it was hers.  He enjoyed his mac 'n' cheese with hot dog bits.) It's nice to have morning eyeballs again.  And the glasses are pretty stinking cute, too.

And on a completely and totally unrelated note. (maybe because I'm watching a truck movie with Mr. E and it just completely randomly changed to french! weird.  Mr E. said, "Mommy! Someone is talking, but I don't know what they're saying!")  Can I just say one thing?  When you do something cool and amazing and you're all done...say, "Viola!" not "Wah Lah!"  It's french.  So that's how it's spelled.  I don't have a bone to pick with anyone, but I guess I do because with all of the home makeover/decorating/home improvement/crafty blogs I frequent--I see wah lah a lot, and it makes me loco.  Not that I spell perfectly or anything.

viola! 10,000 words later, I'm all done!  Happy Monday.


  1. Loved your list! "Voilà" is definitely pronounced with a "v" sound--just like it's spelled. Good job! :o)


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