30 Days of Thankful-Days 16-21!

I'm bad at this daily thing, hm?
I started this here new blog with a little too much ambition!
Okay...here's enough to cover 6 days of thankful!

I am thankful for: HILARIOUS things my babies say.

Miss E
We were walking through Target (surprise, surprise) the other day and she was extremely preoccupied with her jacket.  She was hot so she took it off.  For a while she walked while holding it around her waist.  And then she tried and tried to tie it around her waist, but it didn't work.  Finally, she asked for help so I tied up the sleeves and she was happy as a clam.  You should have seen her.  Her step became peppy.  Her hair was swinging from side to side as she walked.  And she was humming a cute little ditty.  She was bubbly. 100% bubbly.  She was hot stuff with that jacket tied around her waist. Finally, she looked up at me with a huge grin on her face and a sparkle in her big doe eyes.  And she said, "Mom.  Do you know what I feel like?" all giddy-like.
"What?  A teenager?"
"No." she said.  And with an awe-struck, breathless voice she continued, "A second grader."
And off she stepped...with her jacket and her pep.

Mr. E
Several weeks ago, we were wandering around a hardware store.  Mr. E stopped dead in his tracks and grabbed something off the ground.  He held it up to show me, and as I looked at the rubber band between his fingers he said, "MOM! LOOK!!  It's a Silly Band shaped like a circle!"

Miss C
The kid has been talking up a storm.  And, please Jesus help us all, it seems that she might be gearing up to being able to talk circles around her sister.  The words flying out of her mouth are so....so....two year old.  When did my baby become an almost-two-year-old-chatterbox?  How'd that happen?!?
The other day she came to find me in the bathroom while I was doing my hair and said, "Hello, Mom." all matter-of-fact-like.
She's been singing too.  One of her favorites is Twinkle, Twinkle which she sings a lot in her smoky little alto voice.  Like a dino....saur.  How wonder aaaare. (like a diamond in the sky...how I wonder what you are.)
And when I tuck her into bed she pops her head up and says, "Luvoo, MOM!"

And boy to I luvoo too Miss C.  And your brother and sister, too!


  1. Oh good grief! I just laughed right out loud at Mr. E's silly band comment. Hahahah! :)

  2. You should totally try to market those circle-shaped silly bandz. I'll bet you could even use them for other things.


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