30 Days of Thankful-Days 6, 7, 8

Today is November 8th already.
Christmas might as well already be here!
I have a goal to have all of my shopping done by December 1st so I can really enjoy the lead up to Christmas and focus on Jesus' birth instead of scurrying around from store to store to store to store!

Since I didn't post over the weekend...

Day 6 was Saturday--and I was mostly thankful for J. Alexander's chicken fingers and fries.  They are THE BEST.  And trust me, since I used to ONLY order chicken fingers and fries at everysinglerestaurant from the time I was 12 until I was 20, I know my chicken fingers and fries.  And theirs beat all.  But, the story goes that we were able to go out on a last-minute date (spontaneity! woo!)...and matt promised that i could eat WHATEVER I wanted.  Appetizer, dinner, dessert, whatever! cause this is THEE BEST week of the year to deer hunt.  And he was buttering me up an giving me the fuel I needed to get through him being gone so much this week.  So starting this past Saturday, until this coming Friday...Matt'll be in the woods from before sunrise until after sunset hunting!  (except for when he gets hungry or comes home for lunch.) So, I got to have a nice date with my hubby on Friday...and it was at my favorite place to chow..and I got to have whatever I wanted. :-)

Day 7 was Sunday--and I was mostly thankful for the doe matt got on Sunday morning!! YEAH!  That meant a lot of things.  A) more venison.  fresh from nature.  no yucky steriods, antibiotics, etc.  no poor quality of living for the animal.  nice lean meat for us.  good learning experience for the kids to see that work that goes into having meat.  and a slimming down of the deer herd, which is a good thing.  perfect!  B) he had to bring it home, which means he came to eat lunch with us at mom & dad's after church since he didn't have to be in the woods!  perfect!  That's 3 outta 4 tags filled.  I love that he loves to hunt, and it don't care at all that he's gone on Saturdays during hunting season (it was a point that took some blood, sweat and tears to get to, but I'm there.)...but I also am not ashamed to tell him that I put in my fair share of prayers that he fills those tags as quickly as possible so he can be home!

Today I am thankful for chit-chat.  Really.  chit-chatting is the greatest thing ever.  I love hearing what's tumbing around in people's heads.  And I love when I get to hang out with and talk to my friends and family.  On Friday, we got to chit-chat with our friends when we picked the kids up from their house.  On Saturday, we got to chit-chat (over pumpkin pie!) with other friends when they picked their kids up from our house.  On Sunday, we were able to chit-chat with all of our church family.  And this morning, I got to chit-chat with a friend while our yahoo's played together.  There's something refreshing about sharing this life with other people, huh? :-)  Thanks to all my friends who are willing to chit-chat!  It's FUN.  (and it's definitely possible to use the word chit-chat too often!  And I did it.)

Happy Monday!


  1. hey jess...

    How do you prepare your venison? Do you like the gamey flavor or do you know tricks to make it taste less "gamey"??

  2. Hey amy
    I usually prepare it exactly like beef. Sometimes I add about a T of olive oil to the ground venison b/c it's so lean that it gets dry.

    It took me about a year and half to get used to the game flavor. I did NOT like it at first...mostly because of the smell (though browning it w/ onion is supposed to lessen the smell.). I make sure to use it for things that call for extra flavor..., too like meatloaf, tacos, chili, meat sauce for spaghetti, beef stew, etc.

    I have finally acquired a taste for the steaks and the roasts, too (they're probably my favorite way to eat venison). However, I never never never like venison hamburgers!! YUCK!! And while I like it in the other things I said above, it's still hard for me to always finish my venison meatloaf.


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