Thanksgiving Day

We had a wonderful, cozy, relaxing thanksgiving!  We enjoyed a 1:00 meal with 8 adults and 5 kiddos gathered 'round.  And then we spent the afternoon in the living room, chatting, sleeping, football watching, ad perusing and game playing. 
 Around 6, we headed to my aunt and uncle's house for round two and to see some more family.  It was a perfect Thanksgiving.
How was yours?

(and we have BIG plans for this guy at Christmastime!)


  1. I have to say "I LOVE what you did with that deer!" I too have some heads hanging around and this is a pretty good idea....not sure what the hubs would say though!! hehe

  2. Crack me up!

    Nice thanksgiving. I'm feelin' the stress of the coming week, but trying not to think about it yet.

    Did you get my e-mail?

  3. That is so stinking funny. And I'm so stinking far behind on your posts!! I can't keep up with you these days!!

  4. Bwaaahaha! THAT. IS. AWESOME! I would totally steal that idea if I had a dear on my wall! You should dress him up for every holiday!

    Found you from the Nesting Place, BTW.

    1. hAHA! thanks!
      my husband...was....underwhelmed by what we did to his buck. :)
      we meant to make him a snowman at christmas time...but completely forgot.

      maybe cupid for valentine's day?!


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