five random thoughts

  1. I'm chilled to the bone.  I do not enjoy doing housework when I am chilled.  But I also do not enjoy doing housework when I am all bundled up.  Therefore, I must quit housework until it's 65 degrees again.
  2. Matt has a truck. (A man with a truck=hot.  MY already hot man with a truck=way hotter.)  When you have a truck vs. a station wagon...clearly, the truck wins EVERY time.  (And it's silver! So it matches my van! Now we're all matchy matchy, ain't that sweet?)
  3. My December 1st Christmas gift buying deadline flew out the window.  However, I'm almost done.  So that counts for something.  I think I'll wrap tonight.
  4. Miss E got a baby tooth pulled yesterday.  It was half loose so the dentist did it at half price.  Here adult teeth were completely and totally grown in, but the baby one just wouldn't fall out.  The poor pitiful thing cried and squealed when they had to put a shot into her gums (I didn't know they were going to do I almost cried and squealed, too.)  So, then as a prize I took her to Target for an icee.  And a chocolate peanut butter rice krispie treat.  I wanted to show those adult teeth what they'd been missing out on.
  5. I have FINALLY after years of trying to figure it out...(I was even asked once or twice and a couldn't answer.)...determined what my favorite word is.  thicket.  And clinic is a close second.
The End.


  1. fabulous post darling :)

    I've just started wearing arm warmers from cut off 1/2 sleeves of old sweaters...not bulky, but keep warm :)

    I feel so bad for E's ICK!

  2. I think you might be the only person in the world who likes the word "thicket" above all others. :)


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