carnations in coke bottles

Alright....5 bullets....light and airy and not heavy.

  • I have a scarlet carnation in a coke bottle on my window sill.  did you know the scarlet carnation is ohio's state flower.  i think it has something to do with U.S. Grant having one in his pocket when he got shot at once or something.  I might be making that up.  Did you know Taft got stuck in a tub, though?  That's true.  (poor guy and that claim to fame.)  Sight.  I wouldn't mind going through 4th grade Ohio History again.  I loved that.
  • I googled it.  I was so wrong. It was McKinley and he always wore a scarlet one on his lapel.
  • My library fine is less than $5 right now.
  • I'm borrowing Organized Simplicity from the library right now and I really, really, really, really like it.  When we started out as 2 people in this house it seemed great big.  But now that we're 5 people in this house, I sometimes feel cramped.  However, I am a)not complaining b)determined to make it work.  (I sometimes daydream about my very own room to spread out all of my hobbies and projects.) This book has some GREAT tips!
  • At Christmastime, on a complete whim (it just popped out one night at bedtime.), I started saying John 3:16 with the kids at night after songs and prayers.  So we've been doing it each night ever since.  Miss E already knew it from church, Mr. E didn't, but now he does!  And Miss C is familiar with it and can say bits and pieces.  The other night she was crabby and fussed after each phrase. So, I didn't push the issue and quit, turned on her music and said goodnight.  And then she adamantly started yelling, "NO!! MOMMY!! PARIS!! PARIS!! PARIS!!"  I had no idea what she was saying.  Pairs?  Paris? "PARIS!!!!"  Perish.  She wanted to say the rest of perish.  Crazy little 2 year old screaming the word perish was a little bit funny.
  • Steelers and Packers....same old story!
  • Mr. E. didn't take a nap today.  But, then, after putting on his brand-new-Christmas-gift-dirt-bike-racer-pants-and-shirt and after putting Matt's head lamp on his head, he lay down on the couch and fell right to sleep.


  1. Oh, that John 3:16 story CRACKED me up! She's a pistol, that one.

  2. pistol is EXACTLY right, Gail! she's got fire in her eyes.


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