couldn'ta said it better

Since I couldn'ta said it better myself....I think--especially if you have ever had or currently do have or will someday have a houseful of wack-a-moles--you'll quite enjoy this & it'll bless you:

Chaotic Blessings 

Funny that I read this today...the day that I looked at Matt in exasperation and said, "We better get at least one grandkid out of this gig." (grandkid [grand-kid] n. the fun ones.  the ones that you get to do the fun stuff with, while leaving the tricky stuff for their mommies and daddies.)

Funny that I read this today...after a week of continually thinking..."Wow.  It's the personalities that make this a tough job!  I can handle the physical needs, no problem.  I can dress, wash and brush 8,000 children piece! of! cake!.  It's delicately caring for each individual personality that I'm not sure I can do.  Three personalities is a lot.  Should we really consider a 4th?  Holy did Nana care for nine different personalities...she probably had grapefruit spoons stashed in every room...."

(actually.  I've asked her, "Nana, how did you do it?!" this a million times and her answer is always one of two things (or both)...prayer or you just do it.)

It still baffles me that chaos and mayhem and whining and snot can all add up to a beautiful, beautiful life.  I love those three little people and their enormous personalities.

Praise God for His grace.  For He equips me to do the job that He has given me.  (Good thing, cause I'm positive I'd be in the fetal position sucking my thumb with the covers over my head if not.)


  1. That was lovely. Thanks for sharing. I need to remember also that the God of the universe sees fit for me to teach those 130 9th graders who wander through my presence every day. They are a gift also. Even when I want to wring their little necks.


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