it's been a crazy day so far, and it's not going to settle down until 9:00 tonight!
it's what i like to call wild and wacky wednesday.
i don't have any business plopping my hiney in a chair and posting something right now.  i have way too many things to accomplish.
but i'm gonna anyway.
for, i needed a diversion.
and it's not even earth shattering.
it might be pretty boring and dull.
but at least the pictures are brightly colored.
here we go...

a) i am and always will be a sucker for containers...rubbermaid, sterilite, canvas bins.  LOVE. THEM.
2) the first time i packed Miss E's Kindergarten lunch, I thought.  Wow.  If I use a snack bag for her grapes or carrots or cheese or yogurt rasins or pretzels or cheez-its everysingleday, we are going to be buzzing through the Ziplocs like crazy.  What a waste. (of landfill space and cashola.)
iii) i knew these little beauties were at the dollar tree.  5 for a dollar.  they might even be full of BPA. I always wanted to buy them, but never had a good reason. FINALLY...a REASON!  So I bought a pack for Miss E's lunch goodies.

And then, I recently started buying large containers of yogurt, but I cried every morning when I had to get the yogurt + 3 bowls + 3 spoons for breakfast and/or everytime one child wanted yogurt for a snack (cause you know if ONE asks for it, all THREE eventually come running.) Or, when Miss C woke up an hour later than the others, and I had to get it out all over again.

(this is not rocket science or brain surgery. But it makes me smile...)

I have 50 total!
I can mix Plain and Vanilla and the kids have NO CLUE.  Less SUGAR!

individual yogurt cups that they can open all by themselves.  it's beauitful

It works wonders for applesauce, too
Or pre-scooping ice cream for a party.
Or for making pudding.
Or for making J-e-l-l-o. (well, maybe not...boiling water + plastic...??)
Or for anything that you can also buy at the store in a tiny happy plastic cup.
Or having on hand to throw in a packed lunch at the last minute.
Or on saturday morning when they insist they are starving and their bellies are going to swallow them up and they are so hungry they might die, but i want to lay/lie in bed for 5 more minutes...they can go get the yogurt and OPEN it BY THEMSELVES.  It's beautiful.



  1. you crack me up! I have a bunch of those containers too and LOVE them!

  2. My children only recently discovered vanilla yogurt. Mostly because their mother thinks it's only ehhhh. We're a fruit family 'round here. Except now my kids FIGHT over the vanilla.


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