never ending birthday bash

The rubber stamp cake turned out...well, just like any three floored rubber stamp unicorn, pony, princess cake would.

THE unicorn

We couldn't find the ponies at first.  And then I peered up into the closet and noticed that one of my toy storage boxes had the word "ponies" on it.  I guess I put them in there when Miss E stopped playing with them.  Only the box was on the bottom.  And getting boxes outta the toy storage shelves is kinda like one of those number games where you have to rearrange all those numbers to get them in order but you can't take them out.  So, I told Miss E that we couldn't have ponies.  It would have taken me 3 hours to get them out of the box.

She substituted Cinderella's (Stinkerella if you ask Miss C.) horse that has synthetic hair and I was sure was going to catch on fire.
Miss E's custom "3-floor princess pony unicorn" cake 

And for the princess section, she opted for Snow White, Stinkerella and two dwarfs.

dopey and happy
So, I right quick iced the cake; we found the decorations and put them on the cake; I lit all six candles; I did not catch the horse on fire, and we carried the cake into the living room so that Daddy...who was sicker than a dog on the couch and could not even come to the kitchen to sing happy birthday could be part of the festivities.  I sang half of Happy Birthday solo, until he got enough gumption to start singing along with me.

And the birthday girl was thrilled as she would have been if a whole chorus of Disney Princesses was singing.

(Yes, poor Matt was the fourth out of the five of us to get that terrible nasty awful stomach bug.  He's better now.)

So, in spite of the fact that Matt was sick and in spite of the fact that we had invited grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins over for a Family Cake and Ice Cream Party and then told them they couldn't come...Miss E's birthday was a great day for her.

She was only a tad bummed (I hate that i still have this word in my vocab, but I do.) that our family couldn't come over that night...but it's okay because when you have a sister who turns two one week after you turn six, it's easy to move the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin's party to the following Friday.  So, that's the plan.

I call all of them My Baby.  But my real, true, chronological baby is turning TWO!! Unreal. (and, I know what you're thinking.  and, it's all up to God.)

And thankfully, she has to take whatever cake I make. Stamp or no stamp.


  1. I wasn't thinking any such thing. ;)

  2. You are AMAZING...that cake is the most fantastic little girl "let me do what I want" cake EVER! it is so her, but so beautifully inspiration you are super jessicakes mama!

  3. I love that cake. I love that she was easy going about the change of ponies and change of family party dates. I love you!

  4. I could go for a piece of that cake right now!! :)

  5. So cute! I can't believe she's 6. I just came across the pictures again that amanda took of her in the hospial on my brand new digital camera I had just gotten for Cristmas(my first one...i didn't even have a memory card for it yet because I didn't know those fancy schmancy cameras needed one). How funny! I love the cake...and I love that you let her be so, um, creative with it. :) You're such a fun mom!


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