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Let's kick the new year off right around here, shall we?

Let's talk about my baby, Miss E.

She's going to be six tomorrow.


That's a lot of days.  She has been around long enough that her birthday is falling on a Friday again.  That was the day she was born way back in '05.

She was born one year, one month and one day after Matt and I tied the knot.

We were not planning on having a baby so soon.  We weren't NOT planning either.  We were just taking what came when it came.  And a mere 4 months after our wedding, we discovered that my head cold and fatigue was actually a tiny person.

And here she is....six years old.  She's old enough that I had to consult her to see how she wants to spend her birthday (lunch at chick-fil-a, and me saying "yes" to whatever her heart desires, followed by a small party with our family.)

And she's old enough that she designed her own cake and told me how she wants to make it. And, let me just tell you, she WILL NOT be persuaded to believe that rubber stamps with pictures of unicorns on them are not usually placed on cake.  She wants her cake to have 3 sections (3 "floors" is how she describes it.).  One pink, one purple, one blue.  On one section there will be My Little Pony toys (she doesn't EVER, no not EVER play with Ponies.), on the other section there will be Disney Princesses (her obsession.), and on the final section there will be a rubber stamp with a picture of a unicorn.

"But Miss E, people don't put stamps on cakes."
"But Mom, it has a unicorn, and I want a unicorn."
"Yes, I understand, but it's a rubber stamp and it's dirty."
"But Mom, I can wash it with soap and water before we put it on the cake.  And then I'll wash it off when it's off the cake so it won't have icing on it anymore."
"But, don't you have another toy unicorn we could use?"
"Mom, my rubber stamp has a unicorn on it!"

Yes, oh yes.  That is how we roll.

Sometimes I look at her, and I remember the first moment I layed my eyes on those enormous eyes of hers.  I can still picture exactly what she looked like the first time I saw her.  So tiny.  So sweet.  So coneheaded.  So MINE.

I have so many thoughts spinning through my head that no matter how I try, I just can't put them onto paper. One thing is for sure though...I keep telling her not to grow up, and she sure is not listening!

I love that kid with my whole heart.

Here's to a fun-filled Chick-Fil-A, rubber-stamp-on-a-cake kinda day!



  1. You are the BEST Mommy...can't wait to see pictures of the cake!

    ...and isn't a day of everyone saying YES what we all want for our birthdays??? :)

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, beautiful little girl!!!

  3. I MUST see how that cake turned out. I bet it was just 6 kinds of wonderful.

    We ended up with a DQ ice cream cake around here. Not bad. Not as good as yours, but not bad.


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