gimme an h

h is for hair.

I cheated on my hairdresser on monday.  Bad move.

Let me start at the beginning.  I have short hair. (Crimany...this is my 2nd hair post in 3 mos.)
And one morning a few weeks ago, I put on a red turtleneck.  And I looked exactly like Charlie Bucket.  So I almost cried.  And I promptly took off that red turtleneck!  I'm not sure I'll ever wear it again! (Good thing it was only a few dollars at Target!)  My hair was growing and getting shaggy which made it fly around everywhichway. Like so:

But, I didn't want to pay for a hair cut quite yet.

So I begged and pleaded with Matt to please cut off the crazy-wavy-curly-stick-straight-out-the-back-of-my-head-duck-tail-looking-mullet that was growing.  He almost wouldn't do it.  But I made him.  There's a reason he grew up with a mom as a hairdresser and a reason he spend hours in her shop watching her cut hair.  And it wasn't to cut his roommate's hair in college (His roommate wore a hat for a little bit! ha!), it was so he could please cut my shaggy hair so I could save a few bucks for a few more weeks!  "Just a straight line's not a big deal," I said.  (It was during the ice storm.  We had a lot of hours to kill.)  So he cut it.

And then it looked just like that tall guy from coach.   It was exactly what I told him to do, but resulted in a too-straight line.  Like so:

That was a few weeks ago.

And I couldn't take it anymore.
So, on monday, while I was shopping alone (!!!) I waltzed into the mall haircut place and signed up for the next appointment.

The girl was super sweet.  And she took a LOT of time and care cutting it.  But, it's just not right.  Matt can't tell a difference.  I can.  It's very triangle and not sassy & fun like I like.  It has no personality.  But it'll do in this awkward stage of going from short to long.

And would you believe that i'm so distracted by American Idol that I completely forgot the point of this post!  I think that was my only point: That, coupon girl that I am, I won't be tempted by bargain hair shoppes anymore.


  1. hahaha! i know a bad haircut is traumatic but i am laughing at your charlie and dobber references! i'm sure it doesn't look THAT bad! ;)

  2. Ok, you had me laughing out loud from the beginning talking about looking like Charlie Bucket!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hahaha! I almost spit out my coffee when I read that you looked like Charlie Bucket! Do you still go to Erica (Erika??) I have bounced around NH trying to find someone who cuts my hair as well and have failed miserably- so I try to make hair appointments when I visit OH! :)

  4. YES!! I LOVE & still go to erica. I hope she never quits. She's magic. It takes her all of 5 minutes to trim me...but she does GREAT! Matt's mom does it great too...but she's too far away to be my regular hair dresser.

  5. From Charlie Bucket to the tall guy from Coach. Snort. You're lucky I know you're BEAUTIFUL! Hey world, she's so LOVELY! Those hair analogies might give someone the wrong idea. They gave me, however, a fit of howling laughter. Love you so.

  6. Goodness gracious, girl, you're funny. I giggled my way through this entire post and the Dobber reference...brilliant.


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