snow daze

We had 2 days at home, thanks to the ice.  Well, 3 out of 5 of us never go to school or "work," but the other two who normally do, did not.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  I even made Matt play a game with me.  He moaned & groaned a little at first, but then I think he actually enjoyed the few rounds of Mastermind we played.

At one point on day one, I found myself with nothing pressing to do.  So, I sat at the kitchen table, put my feet up on the chair and read for a little bit.

Matt walked by and said, "Oh.  So is this what you do all day?" with a twinkle in his eye.

I just laughed in his face with my best "you have no idea" laugh sweetly at him.

On day two, Matt was also off work.  I decided it'd be a great day to hang the second set of white panels in the living room!  So I batted my eyelashes and talked him into hanging the curtain rod. (We hung the first one in November.)

He hung the rod, while I ironed the panels.

The kids were of course, doing their thing.

"MOMMY!!  She's bugging me!"

"MOM! My pants are crooked!"


"WATCH THIS! Daddy! Watch! Mommy! Watch!"

"BUT I want to JUMP off the furniture!"

"More milk please, mommy-moo. MILK! MILK! MOOOMY-MOOOOOOOOOOO MILKY PLEASE!"

"DADDY! What are you doing? Can I help, can I help, can I help?"

"Mommy-moo! Step stool!  What doin' Mommy-moo?  Can I watch you?" (as I have to stop her from touching my hot iron.)

"Did we just eat breakfast?  Can we have a SNACK?"

"HE was kicking the tunnel while I was in it!"

"Moooooooooooooooom!! I'm ALL DONE POOPIN'!"

"Can we watch a movie?!?"

"Do you know where my barbies are?"

"What's the capital of Romania?"

"Do you want to hear my January song again?"

"But I don't WANT to wash my hands after i go POTTY!!" (cry, cry, cry, whine, whine)

Cracking up on the inside, noticing that this was all driving Matt slightly bonkers, I asked, "Hey babe.  You want me to get my grapefruit spoons for you?"

And he laughed.  A good solid wrinkles at the corners of his eyes laugh.  Because yes.  He was ready to jab out his eyeballs thanks to the tiny pecking chickens* that run around our house.

And then I laughed and said, "You asked me yesterday if THAT is what I do all day.  No.  It's not.  THIS is what I do all day."

And somehow, the days fly by so stinking fast, tending to these babies.  I LOVE IT!!  Let's just hope I get a good return on my investment. ;-)

*a friend recently told me that someone told her that having kids is like being pecked at by chickens all. day. long.  I LOVE that visual!


  1. ♥ this! Oh, and does your husband despise games too? I haven't played a good board game since college. :P

  2. love this too :) I love that I started getting a slight bit stressed out just reading your kiddos quotes :) :) :)

  3. I have said that chicken thing for YEARS. It's the best analogy I've ever heard. And your "script" above was painfully accurate (and hilarious).


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