(i always get the urge to blog when i'm super busy. i'm not sure why. today is very busy around much so that i had to turn down TWO invitations to hang out with adults...that's not my standard M.O.!)

what we're up to today--in photos:
Miss E's handiwork

(pistachio green...dusty pink...chocolate....mmmm)
(Mr E and Miss C sat and played this together for a looong time!)

(believe it or not, the kids are not running around nekkid)
these are only a few of the many things we are up to today!
What are YOU doing today?


  1. I get that impulse too...espcially when the laundry looks like FACT, we have a hamper just like that that is looking about the same right now :)

    LOVING the artwork miss E!!

  2. looks like you're having fun with the kiddos! I am....enjoying the second to last day of Adam's paternity leave. Hoping when Monday comes & the reality sets in for me, that things will go well still.

  3. Excuse me. What the heck? Even your dirty laundry is adorable! I taught a bunch of 9th grade punks how to write a narrative. I used samples from my blog as an example. One girl said, "What's a blog? Is it like facebook?" Why, yes, sort of. For old folks who walked to school uphill both ways in the snow.

  4. this makes me smile and the cake turned out beautifully! looks yummy! :-)


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