top 10 first things that come to mind...pointless and all

okay...let me just post 'em as they come to mind!

  1. I will post dining room pictures eventually.  it's nothing special at the moment.  it's actually not special at all. it kinda looks like we just moved in and we haven't settled the kitchen or dining room yet.  i think i've looked at that room and that stuff and that furniture for so long that i'm having a VERY hard time feeling inspired to go in one direction or the other with furniture placement.  (maybe i should post a picture and ask for help.  oh, or go to one of those big-time, famous bloggers and ask her to pick my presto.)

  2. I shopped alone today.   (!!!!)

  3. The plan was to go to a local thrift store that has 25% off Mondays.  I wanted a chance to go alone without the distraction of The Wack-A-Moles.  It worked out great because my handsome hubby was off work and stayed home with the kids.
  4. And he even made dinner. (Venison steaks! mmm.)

  5. Only when I got there, there was no parking.  I parked in a different area and walked up a muddy mountain to get into the store.  And there were people EVERYWHERE.  Because it was really a 50% off day!! Oh, man, my anxiety level went up!  But, I kept pressing toward the goal--finding some spring clothes for the babies--and I was successful.  But, then I went to get in line. And every line was at least 30 people deep.  So, an hour after I got there...I put my stuff back and made a break for the mall!!  Forget the thrift store and all the crazies!  I'll go on a plain old 25% monday!
  6. I really, really missed my kids. But i found some great jeans, so it was a good trade.

  7. A pair of good ol' Levis.  However.  ahem.  I bought the wrongs ones! Canyoubelieveit?  I tried on 174 pairs and I accidentally took the wrong ones to the register.  I will be returning tomorrow to get the right ones.

  8. It was time. I bought my daily go-to jeans the month after I had Miss C.  And the knees look dirty even when my jeans are clean.  That's gross.

  9. My oldest princess wore her Christmas gift for the first time today.  We got her a snow white costume and she was excited.  Only she wouldn't put it on ("the sleeves are too poofy" oh brother).  Today, lo and behold, she decided that almost 2 months after Christmas was a good time to use her gift for the first time.  I guess she's spreading it out the Christmas cheer.

  10. We are out of sugar.  And I've been to the store about 5 times since we ran out. 


  1. ...loved reading this!! :) You and your stream of conciousness (I know that's spelled wrong...don't know the correct spelling...I need schooling!) are so cute...and I'm totally laughing about the sugar....

  2. you have such a wonderful attitude about things. I would have been soooo frustrated after waiting in line for an hour and then having to put my purchases back!! Actually I probably have run out of the store after seeing all those people. Crowds for sales intimidate me!

  3. Hate buying jeans. Bought two pair on sale at Kohl's last week. A "flats" pair that is short enough already and a heels pair. Seriously. When did I become the lady with two different kinds of jeans for two different kinds of shoes?


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