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I ponder a lot.  You all should hear my inner dialog.  Sometimes I scare myself with the amount of thoughts and words that go through my head (more on that in a later post).

Just yesterday, I was, for whatever crazy reason spending some time and brainpower thinking about the cha-ching commercial.

It went kinda like this, "hm.  cha-ching.  that was a catch phrase.  everyone said it.  Cha-ching!!  CHA-CHING! Bada-bing.  It's funny how a commercial made it a popular phrase and people know what it meant.  i wonder if it started as a superbowl commercial.  (and then i had a mental youtube of my mom saying it.  she said it a lot.  it was cute.) It's funny how you never know what'll really become big and what'll flop.  I bet it's neat to be an advertiser.  But, huh.  I guess it didn't really work out cause i don't remember what burger chain it was for.  I remember that my Mall Madness game had a feature that said ching-ching and it was kinda similar.  I wonder if Mall Madness came out before or after the cha-ching commercial.  Now where are my shoes so I can go get some meat from the garage to start dinner...."

Only, my mental dialogs kinda all happen at once...all those sentences happen at the same time.  


That was yesterday.
Wouldn't ya know, I logged onto yahoo to check my email, and sure enough!  There's an ARTICLE about the cha-ching commercial, which before yesterday, I hadn't thought about in YEARS!

It happens all the time to me, so i'm sure it does to you, too!  And when that happens, it always tickles me a little bit.


  1. DeWayne and I JUST had a conversation about this phenomenon. There was a word... I can't remember what it was now... something nautical... "tugboat"? ...anyway, I read it in a magazine followed by DeWayne saying it then hearing it on the news in the span of 5 minutes. Weird. And wonderful.

  2. ok..I'm completely lost with the cha-ching business...but I TOTALLY have thoughts like that...I ahte it when they won't stop when I'm trying to go to sleep...Alex hates it when I tell him everything I think like that when he's trying to go to sleep ":)


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