My Little Miss C part 2

Remember last week, when I wrote about my spicy Little Miss C?  I totally forgot the best part!!

We were babysitting for friends' kids a few weeks ago, and Miss C was causing some trouble.  She was hitting people with her stuffed bunny.  Sometimes she makes her stuffed bunny touch Mr. E's toys and then tells me that Bunny is not obeying.  Ahem.

So, while we were babysitting; after a few times of telling Little Miss Spicy to keep her hands (and bunnies) to herself, out of the corner of my eye I see her running down the hallway chasing the other little girl getting ready to do who-knows-what to her.  All the while singing the Veggie Tales song, "Love your neeeeeighbor!  Loving means being a friend!" 

I guess she can use the age-old excuse that she listens because she likes the music, not the lyrics, huh?

Love your neighbor...POW! 

(we're working on this, don't worry!)


  1. i'm glad i'm not the only one with a crazy daughter! :)


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