shake it

i went to a zumba class on tuesday.
and i went again tonight.
i've got moves you've never seen. (name that movie)
and moves that you neverevereverever will see.
that nobody should ever see (because they are pathetic and very un-zumba-y)
and zero coordination.
i'm not sure if it's good because it's exercise
or if it's good cause it's comic relief!
either way...i LIKE it!
(even if i stand there crosseyed most of the time trying to figure out wheretheheck my feet are supposed to be!)


  1. my best friend's wedding!!! :-)

  2. I LOVE Zumba! My last year teaching in OH we had an instructor who would come lead a class twice a week in the music room. SO FUN! Sometimes kids would gather at the door and we would promptly shoo them away. We looked like idiots but had a blast...and burned calories!! :)

  3. I WANT to do zumba. No convenient classes around here. Boo.


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