Wait, what?

Is he really only 2 days shy of FOUR?
I can't believe it.
Miss E is supposed to be four.
And he's supposed to be two!
They are growing too fast!!
I'm very blessed to have such a sweet little man*!

*some things i realized about that old post from the past: he still cries the same way.  he still wraps himself up in his blankie. he needs to start those non-rotten classes for his little sister, he has lost his linebacker shape and is getting tall and skinny, BUT he still fits perfectly on my hip.  :-)


  1. I re-read his letter. And I got all sniffly again, two years later. Our children MUST stop growing.

  2. And here I am saying, "I can't believe she's two MONTHS!" I can't even begin to imagine four years!


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