wanna peek?

the quick run-down:
We decided to change the family room into a dining room.
the plan was to use our current kitchen table in the dining room, use our current found-in-the-garbage accent table in the kitchen and for me to save up my cake muhlah for a new counter height kitchen table.

And then we found out that a couple at our church (who are like adopted grandparents to us) had an antique table in their basement that they have been dying to get rid of...but wanted to make sure it went to a good home.

The house still has that freshly-moved-into feel...but progress is happening.

I will admit, that once we got it home, i was a little apprehensive at first about the bulkiness and heaviness and ornateness (i am not ornate) of the antique table. But, yesterday I did some rearranging and I really think I'm going to love how it turns out.  Hopefully it looks as good "on paper" as it does in my head. ;-)  What I love most about the table is how BIG it gets.  It has two leaves the slide out from each end. I'm going to give myself a month to complete the whole project because I'm a slow worker and I have many distractions.  But here's how it has gone down so far:
before (i never even finished hanging pictures on the wall after operation family room from July 2009! And do you know how badly i want to paint the princess table? But, my girls would never forgive me, so i will not.)

before--Hi Charlie!  Nice tie!

during (that's not where we had the accent table, it was only there so i could mop)

antique table in the middle of the living room.  Did you know chairs can multiply like rabbits.  Don't turn your back on them. That easy-breezy just-moved-in feel.

last evening.  kitchen table back into the kitchen waiting to be replaced by a cozy counter height table, antique table in the dining room with chairs on top of it, furniture rearranged a bit.)

removing the 1940's vinyl that was residing under the 1980's southwestern fabric.  I bought new lush fabric today.

The Captain's Chair, (and the kitchen table chair, and the baby booster seat, and the garage sale metal chair that i got last summer but never removed the masking tape residue from and....)
 This room has been my (our?) nemesis since we moved in.  Since it's connected to the kitchen we really have had to be careful with how we work it.  And since it only has 2 usable walls (the other two walls are the sliding door and the kitchen counter/stovetop), it's been tricky.  I think we're finally, finally, FINALLY heading in the right direction.


  1. lucky find girl!! Where did you get your lush fabric?

  2. You're funny. I love the direction you're going. And I love that you are taking us along on the ride.


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