good for the soul

I realized that "good for the soul" and "balm for the soul" are phrases that pop into my head and outta my mouth (fingers) on a regular basis.  So, I decided to make a list:

some of my favorites balmy things:

1. coke from mcdonald's with extra ice (this is what I had today that prompted this here post) or out of a can or out of a glass or out of a foam cup.

2. church service (i keep promising a post about sundays, and i'm gonna deliver eventually!)

3. doing zumba, with a nice, slow worship song during the cool down. (I haven't gone back yet, but i'm dying to go again!)

4. a warm shower + down blanket + fuzzy socks + sweat pants + a remote control

5. laughing with matt while we watch everybody loves ramond and see more of ourselves in debra & ray than we like to admit. (we're on season 6. we've been getting them from the library & watching together)

6. parenthetical phrases (just kidding!)

7. seeing old friends when you least expect it and picking right back up where you left off.

8. sitting in the sunshine

9. the smell of clean laundry

10. listening to preacher men on the radio

11. The Psalms

12. hugs from pudgy little kid arms

what would you add?


  1. oh YES...especially the Coke...and the pudgy arms...and we totally had a Raymond phase (and saw a lot of ourselves :)

  2. i could not agree more about a fountain coke- especially from mcdonalds! it is a daily pregnancy must for me

  3. Mountains... puppy kisses... a good cry... a yummy-smelling candle... the words "I understand"... nail polish...

    And yes, especially diet Coke from McDo's!! :-)

  4. - when steve gives a good, hearty belly laugh at something that i say
    - eating outside on the back porch in the early spring
    - hot coffee with cream

  5. Dew drops on spider webs in the early morning sunshine. Fireflies. Sleeping children. A breezy day on the beach.


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