I laugh

Miss E has been obsessed with the U.S. Presidents book we borrowed from the library.  She talks about Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Grant, Bush, Bush, Jefferson, and Obama the most.  The other day she decided to try her hand at drawing one of them.  Can you figure out who this guy is?  Every time I look at him, I crack up.  The skinny tie...the floppy arms...the tiny legs...the american flag lapel...I love it all!  She might have a future in political cartoons! (although, right now she has decided she wants to be a mechanic.)


  1. a mechnic?? really? You go girl!

    Is it a bush?

  2. so funny! (and grant, really? that one is kind of random to me!)

    anyway, i too think it's bush or bush.

    who is it??

  3. That is beyond fabulous. I love the arms and legs best. And the suit. And the pin. And really all of it. So funny.


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