I see you in the ICU

don't panic (they tell me this, i try not too :-)), my mom is now in the ICU so they can more closely monitor hear rapid, a-fib heart rate.  there's a reason it's called intensive care.  there were things they simply couldn't do on the med-surg floor, so they moved her over to ICU where they have the authority to be more aggressive with her medications and treatments.

she was in a-fib for a good majority of the day yesterday and through the night and when i got there this morning.  by the time i left the hospital at noon they had been able to regulate her heart rhythms.  so that's wonderful.  She is also off her morphine and she is not in any pain so these are both answers to prayers! 

It's that darned bowel.  It needs to MOVE already.

I have a funny story.
Mom is sometimes coherent, sometimes delirious, sometimes sleeping with her mouth hanging open.
Brother Andy was in town for Easter weekend, and mom was so concerned about him driving home late last night.  She kept saying, "Andy.  Are you sure you want to drive so late?"  and, "Andy, be careful, text your dad when you get home." 
When he left she said again, "Are you sure you want to drive home so late?"
He said, "Yes, I've done it 50,000 times.  And you've pooped 50,000 times so why don't you work on that?"

humor is good for the soul.


  1. Thanks for the detailed updates. I want to hug your brother for his direct humor. :-) More prayers right now.

  2. oh my...that quip is hilarious :)n I'm so sorry for your mom Jess...thanks for the updates..w.e are thinking of her!


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