Mi Madre

A few months ago, I posted about my mama and the extreme pain she has been in.
So, I thought you might be interested in an update.

First, my mom is no wuss.  She's a tough cookie.  But, she has been hit hard with horrible pain due to endometriosis and some other issues.  It's so rare and untypical for her to be laid out on her back for hours on end every single day.  The doctor even said that the amount of pain she has had to deal with is absolutely ridiculous.  And it hits at random times and at least once every day.  It comes in spells and in waves.

Next week, Tuesday, she is scheduled for a hysterectomy.  (Mom, hope you don't mind me sharing this on the web!)

Will you please pray that the doctor can fix everything, and that the surgery is a success?  And also that the recovery is quick?  She's been dealing with it since January, and while she keeps on trucking, she is emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. 

I know she would appreciate your thoughts & prayers.


  1. oh no jess...I hope it all goes well...prayers are with you guys...

  2. praying for your mama, friend!

  3. i will be sure to pray for your mom tomorrow. i have had 2 surgeries to clean out endo...it really does cause so much pain! the good news is that when it's gone, you immediately feel better...although i'm sure she'll have some recovery time and soreness from the hysterectomy. let us know how she does.


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