After wednesday (i.e. Vent Day), I stopped posting!  Things got a little too chaotic to keep up with FB, emails & blog.

She went on the vent on Wedneday, Thursday she rested, Friday we talked at length with doctors about what to do next. And on one of those nights, I seriously thought she was dying when green swamp-looking stuff started trickling out of her mouth.  Turns out, her NG (tube in her nose, suctioning out her stomach) was most likely stuck to the side of her stomach, and so her gastric juices were coming out her mouth instead of through the tube. (gross, right?)  When he nurse jiggled her tube it started sucking like crazy and it removed 1300 ccs (about 1.5 liters) of green, nasty swamp-looking gastric juices.  I had no idea it was THAT color.

That was the second scariest moment after scary moment #1 when we found out she needed a vent.

She had exploratory surgery on saturday because her tests and scans simply would not show why her belly was filling up with fluid (causing her heart and lungs to misbehave).

They went in and found a hold in her bladder.  While they were reparing that, and completely unrelated to any of this, they found and TOTALLY REMOVED a small spot of what looked like bladder cancer (pathology reports have not come back yet.)

So all of this mess has been a blessing in disguise.

I didn't mean to type all that

I just meant to copy and paste this from the email I just sent to family.
Here's the latest:

Today's report is this:
1. Her white blood count is coming down! (this is a HUGE answer to prayer.  Last evening, this was the ONLY thing that concerned dad & me (though the docs didn't seem alarmed.))

2. They will trial her again today--meaning they will give her a chance to breathe on her own, see how she does, and decide when the vent will come out.

3. The doctors that have come in to see her today said, "all of her numbers look great!"

Keep praying that:
1. she will soon be ready to breath on her own without the vent.
2. that her white blood cell count will continue to drop
3. that her pain will be minimal when she comes out of sedation
4. that when she wakes up, she won't be discouraged.

I'll keep you posted.
thank you all so much for your prayers.  God is good, ALL the time.


  1. Still praying. Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm not just praying for her, but for you, too. I don't know how you're keeping up. His grace is surely sufficient.


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