Obviously, there's a lot going on in my life right now.  I am going in a million different directions, but/and I have never felt the grace of God as tangibly as I have this past month.  He is sustaining us & carrying us through.  It's a wonder we all have clean underwear.  But, even still, I can't get over do I put this into words....cared for and sustained I feel.

I finally had to put my feet up, so I thought I'd post a light & airy something or here we go...
these are the things trending around here right now (there's one I wanted to put on here and I cannot remember what it was...driving me nuts.)

and i'm having formatting problems that i couldn't fix without my pictures disappearing.  so just pretend there are no wacky numbers. :-)

  1. Allens Kentucky Wonder Italian Beans
If you hate green beans- you will LOVE these.  If you love green beans-you will LOVE these even more.  They are on the bottom shelf at the grocery store.  If a sweet Tennessee native at our church hadn't told me about them, I would have never given the can a second glance.  But these, oh, these Kentucky Wonder beans are delicious.  Green Giant has NOTHING on these.  And though they are perfect alone, they are divine when mixed up on a fork with mashed potatoes!  Try'll LOVE them.  Pour the whole can (don't drain!) in a pot, add a couple T of butter, warm, serve with a slotted spoon, salt & pepper and enjoy!

  1. 2. Ziplock Bags in the tubby-tubby.Somehow, one night during bath time, one kid ended up tossing a ziplock freezer bag into the tub while another kid was in there playing.  And he LOVED playing with it.  It has become a FAVORITE toy for every kid.  They love being able to fill and squish and pour and see everything that's going on in the water.  Let your kids try it...they'll love it.

  2. 3. Cheerios with honey
    My sister - in - law Alycia spent the 2nd weekend that Mom was in the hospital here at our house holding the fort down while I was at the hospital.  She turned the kids onto Cheerios with honey and they have been eating them every morning for breakfast.  Not honey nut cheerios.  Cheerios, with honey poured on.  I love that they are eating fresh honey.  It's so healthy

  3. !

That is all.  I wish I could remember the other one. :-)
Much love.



  1. I am trying EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!!!

    How's Mama doing??

  2. I think you rock. Glad you're mama is slowly mending.

    I can't stop thinking about what you said about the tangible grace of God. He says His grace is sufficient. And His grace is not for when we imagine we need it, but for when we really need it. How cool that you are experiencing that and seeing the truth of that blessing during this stressful season.

  3. I grew up on Cheerios with honey. Even better--Rice Chex with honey. YUM!


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