once upon a time

Once upon a time a prince and a princess engineer & teacher tied the knot.
And lucky a blessing for them, they had lots of fairy godmothers family & friends who were happy to give them hand-me-down furniture. Couches, chairs, end tables, knight night stands, lamps, kitchen ware, dressers, a bed frame, a dinette set, and a dining room table with 6 chairs.

They have been living happily every after for almost seven eight! years.  They are still sleeping on a hand-me-down bed (they bought their own mattress!), putting their clothes in hand-me-down dressers, and eating off of a hand-me-down kitchen table.

And while the teacher mama loves pre-owned used things and can often be found buying others' treasures junk,  she sometimes becomes nauseous when she looks at her sturdy, curvy, bulky, not-her-style-whatsoever, hand-me-down kitchen table. Her kitchen staff She prepares roughly 18 meals a week, and spends every waking moment a lot of time in the kitchen.  And she's all done looking at that table.and has been rubbing a magic lamp saving her cake-decorating cash for a brand spanking new counter height (more work-space!) kitchen table and chairs.

And, she just ordered it & is super duper excited for it to be delivered!

This is far better than any horse-drawn carriage!

before & afters coming soooon! (cause i couldn't figure out how to steal the picture from the ebay listing!)


  1. Cannot even WAIT to see this thing! I know that old table has vexed you. The blessing of the new table will be awesome!


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