Before & After

Here's the Part Two to the Part One.
I love my table and I have zero regrets about sending out the old and bringing in the new!

Ever since I was little, my senses-mostly my eyesight and hearing-have been tightly (melodramatically?) connected to my stomach, and I kid you not there are certain sights and sounds that make me feel nauseous. Possibly a little overreaction and dramatic, maybe?  But terrible as it is, it's true!  And...the sight of the old table with all of it's rungs and curves and bulk in the middle of my kitchen for years made me cringe & my stomach churn.  Perfect in our first apartment...but not so hot in this house of 5.  It has vexed me for years (yes, gail!)

So, it was with great excitement that we said adios to it and brought in this lovely, lovely replacement!  I purchased it with cake cash, and it came in handy for that exact purpose not even a week after we got it.   I was able to spread out and make a large cake plus 25 cake pops on the surface of my new beauty.

Here are some befores & afters & in-uses.
BEFORE: this picture actually makes it look okay.  but, imagine it with two leaves and 3 more chairs... this.  Happy 2010 birthday to The Man! 

AFTER: LOVE the wood/white.  LOVE the height.  LOVE the small size. LOVE the square top.  LOVE.

AFTER: LOVE that I can move it easily to the middle of the kitchen to use as an island.  I used to make all of my cakes on the left-most section of countertop right next to the stove.  Not anymore.

The lady the bought the old one from us emailed me after her hubby carted it home for her to say thank you for the table and that they LOVE it.  I'm so glad it has a new home with someone who won't pick on it day in and day out like I did.  It served us well, many memories surround it.  But, my stomach is relieved.
Stay tuned for living room befores & afters!


  1. very nice! and it matches your kitchen perfectly! i'm glad you finally got it :)

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