three words: my life lately

my favorite genre

it's smokin' hot
have you heard?
probably you have.

mom is well
slow and steady.
love her smile.
lots of togetherness.

hail damaged house
(back in may)
and matt's truck
he's fixin' house
truck's at dealership
ready by thursday
(they keep saying...
...every single week).

fell through ceiling
very, very hilarious.
he's fine, though.
patched right away.

Kids are happy
They're my joy.
(they eat TONS!)
begging for snacks
their constant plea

Soaking up summer
sprinkler park days
swimming lesson mornings
Guess Who tournaments
(remember that game?)
it's a favorite
garage sale-$1
can't beat that!

Crazy Miss C
wears red crocks
never her sandles
never her sneakers
"Red Shoes" daily

Mister Little Man
constant toy rotation
dirtbikes, trains, cars
cars, trains, dirtbikes
repeat and repeat

Lovely Lady E
starts first grade
all too soon
a budding artist
colors all day
great big sister
loves her siblings

And then me
I'm happy, content
God's teaching me
molding and changing
I like it.
I turned 30
Not so bad.
(except the wrinkles!)
they frightened me.

Spring was whirlwind
summer was too
God sustained us
Things are settling,
Life is good.
So thankful, blessed.


  1. I loved it!
    3 little words?
    My favorite, too.


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