a funny story

wanna hear something funny?

of the handful of you that read this--i think i've told this to over half of you, but repetition is fun, right?

I'm reading Gone with the Wind right now.  I really like it.  I watched the movie eons ago and I'm DYING to finish the book so I can watch it again.

My parents come over for dinner every Wednesday.  Dad was talking about gas prices, and how they have come down lately. ( I always marvel at the adult coversation we (Matt & I) have (with our friends, too, not just our parents) about gas prices and loans and finances.  Like, seriously, when did I join THAT group of adults?!  Is it like...get-a-mortgage-start-talking-about-boring-stuff? (well...I guess only if you consider my pre-mortgage conversation topics of Leonardo DiCaprio and which Doc Martens to buy un-boring.)

Mentally, I said, "Yeah.  That's probably because the war is over.  It's changing the cost of things."

After a few beats, I smacked myself in the forehead (mentally again) and thought, "OH!  Right.  The Civil War in Gone with the Wind just ended.  It has nothing to do with the gas prices now!"

I've also been having crazy dreams lately.  I think my brain might be short circuiting or something.  Either that, or it was my once-a-decade blonde moment.  Who knows?

Happy almost weekend!


  1. I have been so caught up in a book before that the events seem to be influencing real life. So funny!


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