military middle names

I just finished getting the girls ready for bed.  My almost 7 year old and my almost 3 year old (the baby.  the baby?  how can that be?)

The baby was huggin' me tight.
I whispered into her ear, "Does mama love you even when you disobey?"
(We had just had an "incident")
She shook her head no.
(She's a teaser.)
"Yes, I do!  Mama loves you all the time."
I could feel her grinning.
"Should you be kind to your friends?"
An affirmative head shake.
"Should you be kind to your mama and daddy?"
"Should you be kind to your brother and sister?"
Head shake.  Yes.
And then as it usually goes, the conversation switched gears.
"What's your brother's name?"
She told me.
"What's your sister's name?"
And on we went through about 500 other names.
"What's your middle name?"
And then big sister chimes in, "Mom.  Why do I have such a military middle name?"
"Huh?  Military?  It's not military."
"Well...I'd rather have a middle name like Kate."
"But your name is Marie, just like mine!  We're both Maries."
"Well.  Okay.  Nevermind...."

That was good enough for her.
"So we both have military middle names."
"What do you mean?"
And just as I was getting ready to ask her if she meant 'ordinary' instead of 'military', she hits me with, "Isn't there a military called, like, The Marines or something?"

In all my 30 years, the thought never crossed my mind!


  1. Absolutely FABULOUS! :) I will never hear the name "Marie" again and not think about this story! lol!! :)

  2. Funny. I tell you, she and Josie are much alike. :-)


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