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When we first moved in, we worked to create a wedding collage wall. Black frames with black and white photos of our wedding. I loved it for a long, long time.
Here's The Man circa 2006 sitting in front of Wedding Collage

 But, for several different reasons, I had to rearrange the living room.  And then our t.v. blew up and we were given a gigantic t.v. that blocked half the frames.  The t.v. was as big as a VW Beetle.  No kidding.  So...I moved some of Wedding Collage and moved some of the frames to other places in the house.

Eventually, we decided upon a living room arrangement that we love...and I was left with a wall half-covered with wedding photos and half empty.  Besides, 7 years and 3 kids later, our lives have taken on a whole new dimension that goes beyond our photos of 12/06/03.  Of course I love them, but we had to make room for pictures of the wack-a-moles!

So.  I had a blank wall.
A big, green, huge, blank wall begging for some lovin'.

the sad, empty wall at the Little Man's birthday gathering

For months.  and months and months.
Poor neglected wall.
When I could take it no longer...I dug out all of my frames and laid them out on our dining table until I found an arrangement I liked.  Poor neglected children. They watched about 17 shows on PBS while I played around with frames.

yes, that's a picture stacked on top of a picture because it says "Happy 4th Birthday Little Man only his real name and  i'm paranoid about putting names on my blog and i'm unable to do much with any type of photo-editing-anything.  i need to take a class!

After that, I hung 'em up.  While Matt was at work of course because he cries every time I put a nail hole in the wall.

(that chalkboard is also photoshopped to cover my kiddo's Happy Birthday message.  It's a newer picture of the same chalkboard at a recent wedding shower in honor of my cousin, Mandy, who is getting married in a few weeks!  YEAH!)

I painted the frames with a mixture of some leftover wall paint & some craft paint and hung them back up.

I lived with them for a few weeks, decided I didn't like the wreath, so I commissioned a couple tiny artists (Miss E & Mr. E) to paint some canvases ($3.99 for a 2 pack at Hobby Lobby!) for me while tiniest one was sleeping.

Meanwhile, I found a handful of cream colored mats at a garage sale!  25 cents for all of them!  I would have preferred white, but for a quarter for a bunch compared to a couple bucks each, I can handle cream! That lovely oval frame came from Goodwill.  The rest, I've had for-e-ver.  The birdie decal was a free gift from when I hosted an Uppercase Living Party.

And then, I sat on the living room floor, with the laptop and logged onto Shutterfly and painstakingly ordered black and white pictures in the right sizes and right layout to fill each of the frames.

And here it is!  I love it.  I think I want to expand it...go up to the ceiling and over to the right more. I kept the yogurt container I mixed the paint in and Sharpied it with "gallery wall" so I can use it to add more frames someday.

As for the VW-sized TV, it's gone.  Hallelujah.

Here's a shot of most of the room.  That bright orange Mr. Filing Cabinet has had some recent work done as well. :-)  I'll show you shots of that in the next week or two!



  1. I love it. Looks soooooo good!

  2. Oh good gravy, I have so many comments and I'm on the iPad with a tiny keyboard. Son here we go. I love, love the picture of the's just so true to who you guys are. Pretty frames in the background, camo hat and boots for him. Love. Two, we're sharing a brain wave because I just bought some frames at goodwill last weekend for a gallery wall. I too have a huge wall and seventeen shows on dvr for the babies to watch. Only I'm starting with the photos first and making my arrangement around them. I wonder if that will be easier or harder? third, your living room is coming along beautifully! The wall looks super cute and you should definitely take it up and out. I can see it in my head and it's awesome! But perhaps my fav part of the after shots are the train tracks....again, so true to real life. Whew, that was a lot of one finger typing!

  3. you lost me at iPad. :-) when did you get one of those?!

    You'll have to let me know how it goes starting with the pictures. I tried that and I just couldn't get my brain to work through it...i couldn't picture the frames because I was picturing the pictures and getting all confused. And thank you....nothing like a sloooooooow steady change, right?!

  4. Love it! I love the color of your living room too! Tonia


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