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Just because I like before & afters:
And because whenever I have 1,000,000 things to do, I write a blog post instead.

Little Miss E needed a desk for her room, so way back in August we bought a white one for her.  We considered getting her a chair, but we already had 2 spare chairs floating around the house.  I spray painted one white with some leftover paint we had from another project, and then added the fabric. Miss E requested that the fabric must "have pink, purple, blue and orange." but besides that she didn't care.

I specifically did NOT let her come to the fabric store with me because she tends to see the first pink or purple something-or-other and pick that even if it is something covered in purple skulls or pink basketballs and then gets it stuck in her mind that THAT'S what she wants and nothing else will do. And we won't be having purple skulls or pink basketballs on her desk chair.

It even has silver sparkles, though I don't think they quite show up here.

She loves her desk and I'm pretty sure she spends more time rearranging everything in and on it than she does acutally USING it.  But, she gets that honest.  I'd rather rearrange my pens and pencils and piles any day than actually sit down to pay bills!

Now, let's discuss that other chair?  I have four words: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

  When we got our new floors in the kitchen and family (now dining) room I was so excited to recover our computer chair and make new window treatments that I actually bought that fabric.  Matt wanted rustic (rustic=plaid), and I thought it needed to be in the red family.  

It only took me 2 years to figure out what wasn't quite right in these two rooms.  It's not so much that the fabric is ugly.  It's fine fabric.  It's just that 1) it's not really my style, and while matt likes rustic, deep down he doesn't really even notice window treatments anyway and b) red clashed with our floors.  The room was red before, so it was clearly difficult for me to get red out of my head.   But now...I've removed the red/rustic/clashes-with-the-floors fabric from the windows and I've moved on to better things....(did you catch the sneak peek hanging behind the chairs?)

I'm actually sitting on the yucky orange wood/yucky red fabric chair now...but it's going to have some work done very, very soon.

Make that 1,000,001 things


  1. I have comments about how great the chair looks but I'm all distracted because I BOUGHT THAT SAME CURTAIN FABRIC!! Seriously, of all the fabrics in the world I should have known that you, my soul sister, would choose the same for your home as I did for mine. Ours are in our bedroom and I looooove them. I cannot wait to see what you did with yours!


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