The best parts of Christmas 2011 in no particular order:

1. sleeping in
2. cleaning, straightening and organizing all 3 bedrooms top to bottom
3. cookies
4. spending a whole hour opening presents one-by-one on christmas morning
5. christmas carols
6. church service on christmas day.  a rare, yet very somber, exciting treat!
7. fuzzy pajama pants from my parents
8. a fuzzy brown and teal paisley throw blanket from my parents
9. an excited boy surrounded in thomas the train
10. an excited girl who FINALLY, after at least 3 years of eyeballing it at target, got the ultimate disney princess barbie set.
11. an excited girl who got a whole case of play-doh for those hands of hers that must. always. touch. something.
12.  an excited husband who got that 22 he's always wanted (it's a gun)
13. Christmas eve gathering at my mom's house with my 800 aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents, great aunts, great uncles, second cousins, and second cousins 18 times removed (??)
14. pineapple smash (otherwise known as pineapple stuffing.  It's my SIL's gradma's recipe.  and oh boy.)
15.  getting next year's wrapping paper on clearence.
16.  chipotle
17.  playing Sequence Jr. with the yahoos.
18.  listening to my big girl read the Christmas story all by herself from her own new Bible.
19.  twinkly christmas tree lights
20.  the lyrics to o holy night
21.  the casting crowns christmas cd
22.  mixed nuts in their shells
23.  christmas caroling at the nursing home
24.  baking
25.  watching the nativity story for the first time.  oh, so, moving.
26.  reading one wintery night by ruth bell graham.
27. being reminded...once again...about the depth of the Father's love for us.  It's all about the Baby Jesus coming....God's son, living among people, fulfilling the perfect plan of the Father...and just wait....Easter's a'comin'! 


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