take me back


I just can't help it.

I'm sittin' here watching American Idol and lemme tell you.  It takes me back.

We just spent the past week and a half celebrating two birthdays in our family.  Do you know what that means?  That means they were born in January.  They were born during American Idol season.
And in March, we'll celebrate the other birthday.  I delivered him on Wednesday morning.  Meaning, we made a point to watch AI in the hospital when he was born.

Do you know how fabulous it is to have a winter baby during the height of the (used to be) best reality show on earth?

It's fabulous.

I spent hours of my new-mama-hood, walking and walking and soothing and feeding and diapering and shushing and snuggling my little Miss E while watching AI.

And I have a  vivid mental picture of holding Mr. E on my legs watching him sleep and watching the almost end of the 07 season.

And I did it again 2 years later with Miss C.

(I should be doing it again this season...but I won't go there, go there.  but, I can't help but think about that.  I'm content and God is good.  But, what I wouldn't give to snuggle my other January Bug during this season!)

Everytime I hear that (awful) AI theme, I instantly smell that delicious newborn scent, and I feel the warmth of a soothing baby on my shoulder.

So, though I strongly believe AI peaked a long time ago, and it's on it's way down...I can't help but watch it and let it transport me to that warm precious time with the babies, when life was a little more carfree and light and a little less complex and grown up and sometimes-heavy.  Man, I love it.  (but I miss simon)

So....bring on the singers, Dawg.
It's music to my soul!!

I wonder how many people will sing Hallelujah ?


  1. Omg I missed the start of AI! I didn't even turn the tv on. I love that show so much as well. But last season (which I've heard was the best season) I had a newborn yet it was the very first season I missed! Not sure why but I couldn't even remember to watch & then it was too late. So I look forward to watching this year. Although apparently I missed the first one already. Not off to a good start!

  2. oh my goodness...so sweet Jess! We spent the last baby's infanthood watching the Winter Olympics nonstop, so I imagine when those roll around again I'll have similar feelings to yours with AI...You should tape an episode so you can always go back adn visit it!!

  3. DIdn't you love the blond Sugarlandish girl that worked with special needs peeps? She was my fav :)


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